MSL is proud to offer the highest quality of media, presentation and other kinds of message trainings, customized for each client.

Our expert media trainers, with decades of TV news, print journalism and spokesperson experience, will teach you how to deliver key messages in ways that are compelling and memorable.

Broadcast and other interviews as well as presentations – to both internal and external audiences — offer important opportunities to raise awareness of your organization or brand and its products or positions. They can help spokespersons generate a positive, lasting impression with key audiences. Yet many executives fail to perform to their potential, missing opportunities to advance their companies and careers.

Performing well on television, with other kinds of journalists and before a live or web audience is a learned art. MSL training professionals can teach you the core principles to assure your success.

MSL Media, Presentation & Message Training will help you

  • Craft messages that compel

  • Understand reporters’ needs

  • Better control an interview and its outcome

  • Stay laser-focused on your own interview agenda

  • Deliver pithy, memorable answers

  • Prepare for difficult situations and tough questions

  • Learn the dos and don’ts

  • Enliven your presentations

  • Present with optimum body language

  • Learn techniques to tame nerves

MSL Training

Media Training

Media training is the communication coaching program in greatest demand by our clients. In an intensive session, our dedicated trainers work with spokespeople to ensure they’re ready to excel in that vital opportunity: the interview. Trainees leave us with increased skill and confidence when speaking publicly for the company, its products and positions.

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Presentation Training

While most of us wordsmith for weeks or keep changing the slides until the eleventh hour, we devote precious little time to practicing the aspect audiences most absorb: the presentation's actual delivery.
MSL coaches executives at all levels to excel at any type of presentation.

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Message Training

Whether it’s selling a product B2B or B2C or convincing key audiences to embrace an idea, persuasive communications is an essential leadership skill. We can help. We design persuasive communication programs that move the needle where it matters most.

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Our Lead Trainers

Melody Kimmel
Senior Vice President
Melody Kimmel leads the media training program for MSL. Among the nation’s most experienced media trainers, she custom-designs and implements media, presentation and other types of message training programs.

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