Media Training

Media training is the communication coaching program in greatest demand by our clients. In an intensive session, our dedicated trainers work with spokespeople to ensure they’re ready to excel in that vital opportunity:


Trainees leave us with increased skill and confidence when speaking publicly for the company, its products and positions.

Occasions for training include:

  • C-SuiteOnboarding C-Suite, other senior leaders, brand or campaign spokespersons
  • Product-launchProduct Launch
  • Campaign-or-other-initiative-launchActivation of a campaign or other initiative
  • Crisis-supportCrisis support, including litigation, product mishap or recall, personnel issue
  • Crisis-preparationCrisis preparation

MSL’s dedicated trainers have decades of experience. Working with clients across many industries and service sectors, they have trained CEOs and other senior leaders in companies, associations and government, as well as celebrities, scientists, key opinion leaders, brand managers, stylists and other spokespeople.

Our team members have been selected for their coaching skills, industry knowledge and understanding of media demands. Many of our trainers spent years as reporters, editors or producers asking tough questions. Others have served as spokespeople, often in complex, even challenging situations. MSL trainers will help you learn how to craft and deliver your messages with impact and purpose.

Each media training is built on a solid foundation of advance research into your company and the questions you face. Our objectives are to help you communicate better so you can best achieve your strategic business goals.

You’ll experience a range of realistic simulated interviews, such as print or digital, webcasts, broadcast (including via satellite), deskside editor meet-ups and roundtables, news conferences. All practices are videotaped and constructively reviewed. We coach you on what you say and how you say it.

Presentation Training

While most of us wordsmith for weeks or keep changing the slides until the eleventh hour, we devote precious little time to practicing the aspect audiences most absorb: the presentation’s actual delivery. MSL coaches executives at all levels to excel at any type of presentation.

Our trainers bring in-depth preparation to every training. Sessions are highly customized to help attendees do better in front of any audience, such as:

  • Employee town meeting
  • Delivering a scripted speech
  • IPO road show
  • Shareholder meeting
  • Analyst briefings
  • Medical conference
  • Customer-facing event
  • Trade show, other industry event or meeting
  • Quarterly earnings call
  • Appearances before Congress, FDA Ad Com, EPA, other regulators

Participants learn how to better organize their talk, use PowerPoint, answer post-speech questions, and project a professional image.  Sessions develop general skills and can also serve as rehearsal.  We cover a gamut of presentation issues — the emphasis varies with each trainee’s needs – including aspects of speaking that form someone’s style, enhancing or posing barriers to communication:

  • Gender, regional and cultural issues in personal presentation style
  • Delivery techniques that can enliven a talk, including nonverbal
  • Calming jitters

Session Contents

  • Theme-development-and-text-preparationTheme development and text preparation
  • Issues-of-style-and-deliveryIssues of style and delivery
  • PowerPoint-skillsPowerPoint skills
  • Site-logistics-and-audiovisual-supportSite logistics and audiovisual support
  • How-to-make-a-Q&A-session-more-effectiveHow to make a Q&A session more effective

Message Training

The Art of Persuasion

You may be selling B2B or B2C. You may need to persuade customers, partners and other stakeholders to support a program or initiative. Message training can help. We design persuasive communication programs that move the needle where it matters most.  Trainees spend most of a session in relevant simulations. Each exercise is videotaped and intensively reviewed. Critiques cover content, organization, delivery, style and ease handling Q&A

  • For a pharmaceutical company undergoing a major realignment, we worked to ensure sales leadership, regional directors, district managers and sales staff were consistent in their messaging
  • For a major consumer products company, we made complex merger messaging simple and compelling and trained executives to deliver them with maximum impact
  • For a commodity promotion group, we prepared leaders to talk to farmers at key trade shows
  • For a healthcare company, we coached doctors new to marketing on overcoming their intimidation when introducing new therapies, both in structured and informal conversations with key opinion leaders
  • For a global manufacturing client, our multiyear program trained senior managers — rising stars whose communications needed some attention or polish